Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is Pre-Poo?
Pre-Poo is an abbreviation for pre-shampooing. It is a conditioning treatment applied pre-shampoo. It acts as an extra layer of protection for hair, because shampoos tend to strip hair of its natural oils.


QUESTION: How to Pre-Poo?
There are many ways you can go about pre-pooing your hair.

  • Use pre made products from hair brands.
  • Oil blends
  • An oil of your choice
  • Mixing oils with butter (such as Shea buter)


QUESTION: What are the benefits of Pre-Poo?

  • Adds extra moisture.
  • Promotes softer hair
  • Makes it easy to detangle
While pre-made products are convenient, we recommend that you use oils as your pre-poo. Oils are natural thus non toxic. You can use oils such as Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oils, and others. We highly recommend you try our MELA "Hair and Scalp oil treatment".